Thursday, March 12, 2009

Where did the time go?

I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that I have blogged in like FOREVER! Since Election Day to be exact!

So where the heck has the past 4+ months gone exactly? Let's see if we can recap?


Fun at the mall play area

Enjoying time with our newest cousin, "Ash-a-ley"
Getting our hair cut like mommy
Celebrating Chris's birthday, 80's style
Proud mary keep on rollin'
And she's still go it!


Playing dress up in mommy's boots
Annual Christmas cookie day! 36+ dozen cookies! New record for sure!
Family fun at the Bull Run light show
Gingerbread house making. The finished result was great, but the process was a DISASTER!
Mike and Laura's beautiful wedding

Christmas with the cousins
Having to share your NEW toy from Santa with your younger sister!
Impromptu fun with Katey and John


Rockin' out to Metallica

Enjoying the first snow of the season!
Cooped up inside and trying to have fun!
Saying goodbye to Mee Maw
And celebrating who she was!
Visiting with Ganga and celebrating Grandma and Ganga's birthday


Enjoying fun times with a best friend
And a few melt downs from time to time
Multi tasking when possible
Enjoying Valentine's Day with our Godparents
Impromptu road trips to Stonehenge......I mean FOAMhenge!


Enjoying yet another snow storm
And the real WHAMMY of a storm on Kristy's birthday
6 days later, enjoying 80 degree weather and the St. Patty's day parade

Now what really did it for me was eating breakfast with my eldest this AM. We were enjoying our bowls of Cheerios, just chit chatting and I looked up and saw this!

Where did the GIRL come from? Not baby. Not toddler, but little girl! She grew up before my eyes, while eating a bowl of cereal, cause I know she was a baby last night.......right? Oh gosh! I just can't take it!

And now all you loyal readers, are caught up with the Hudson's.

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